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Check out the Winter 2021 issue of the Iowa EPSDT Care for Kids newsletter! The lead article, “Telehealth Tips that Benefit the Provider and Patient,” focuses on using several evidence-based communication strategies to provide effective communication during a telehealth visit. Written by Kelly Skelly, MD, Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Family Medicine, University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics, and Marcy E. Rosenbaum, PhD, Professor of  Family Medicine, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, the article also looks at stages of the visit, starting with pre-visit preparation and finishing with tips for ending the visit.

Also in this issue, as COVID-19 continues to disproportionally affect minority communities, Emad Abou-Arab, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, shares principles that can affect a provider's ability to interact with patients in a culturally liberated manner in his article, “Factors Contributing to Health Care Disparity.”

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