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Care for Kids

As part of Iowa’s EPSDT program, the EPSDT Care for Kids newsletter:

  • Informs Iowa health care professionals about Iowa’s EPSDT Care for Kids program;
  • Encourages them to make use of this important resource; and
  • Provides them with information about new developments in the field of health care.

Care for Kids Newsletter cover

The EPSDT Care for Kids newsletter articles reflect the primary objective for the newsletter's editorial board: promoting healthy child development throughout the state.

Publication Schedule

This newsletter is published three times a year as a joint project of the:

  • Iowa Department of Human Services
  • Iowa Department of Public Health
  • Iowa Prevention of Disabilities Policy Council
  • Center for Disabilities and Development at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Volumes 23 to 13

Click on the links below to access a printable copy of any of the available issues. For questions or more information about EPSDT newsletter articles, please get in touch with Meredith Field at 319-384-5656.


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Staff & Editorial Board

Newsletter staff:

  • Executive Editor: Ellen Link, MD
  • Production Editor: Lesly Huffman
  • Graphics Editor: Leigh Bradford
  • Webmaster: Meredith Field

Editorial board:

  • Rhonda Enserro, MD
  • Sally Oudekerk
  • Analisa Pearson
  • Shruti Tewar, MBBS, MPH
  • Steven Wolfe, MD

Reprint Policy

You are welcome to print out and share material from this newsletter with others. If you wish to reprint materials in another publication, whether print or electronic, please request permission prior to publication.

Please get in touch with the EPSDT Administrative Services Coordinator at 319-384-5656 to learn more.

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