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Iowa EPSDT Care for Kids Program Has a Newly Revised Periodicity Schedule EPSDT: Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment EPSDT Care for Kids is Iowa’s federally mandated Medicaid program for kids. The Periodicity Schedule serves as the core of Iowa's EPSDT program. It gives health care providers a regular schedule for visits and screenings…
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New Guidelines for Pediatric Hypertension

AAP Releases New Guidelines for Pediatric Hypertension The American Academy of Pediatrics AAP has released new guidelines for pediatric hypertension. The update revises the definition of prehypertension, recommends screening only at well-visits in healthy children, expands recommendations for ambulatory BP monitoring, and offers advice for evaluation and therapy. Learn more in this Journal Watch from…
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Developmental Delay: When and How to Screen

"Developmental Delay: When and How to Screen" Kirsten Vitrikas, MD; Dillon Savard, MD; Merima Bucaj, DO. Recent and recommended article: “Developmental Delay: When and How to Screen” examines barriers to screening children for delays. It promotes the early and periodic use of screening tools, and incorporating ongoing developmental surveillance into the workflow of primary care…
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Strategies to Improve HPV Vaccination Rates

Care for Kids Newsletter Volume 24. Number 2. Spring 2017. The Spring 2017 issue of Care for Kids, the newsletter of Iowa's EPSDT program, has been archived and is available on this website. This issue features the article, Strategies to Improve HPV Vaccination Rates, by Meredith Fishbone-Gordon, MD. Dr. Fishbane-Gordon shares a series of strategies that have proven successful in boosting HPV immunization…
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