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What's Going on with Iowa Medicaid? And Iowa Compass?

Check out two informative articles in the new issue of the EPSDT Care for Kids Newsletter

Iowa Medicaid Communications Manager, Emily Eppens, and Heather Miller, Dental Contract
Manager for the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services wrote the featured article in the Fall 2023 issue of the Care for Kids newsletter. After a very busy year, they share news on:

  • The “unwind” or return to normal operations after the public health emergency.
  • Onboarding of a new managed care organization.
  • A redesign of the home- and community-based services waiver programs, now known as “Hope and Opportunity in Many Environments,” or the HOME project.

They address the issue that many members who are eligible for Medicaid services did not submit the required renewal paperwork to Iowa HHS, and provide information and resources to help patients who are members to submit the necessary information for an eligibility determination or reconsideration.

Also included in the issue is the article, "Iowa Compass: Guiding Iowans to Services and Supports," by Iowa Compass Director, Mike Lightbody.

Read the 2023 Fall Issue of Care for Kids.

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